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Day 9…again April 26, 2011

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I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love it. It hates me. We’ll it loves my ass and inner-thighs, and it has a special infatuation with the area below my belly button, and my breast. At least that what it keeps showing me, by insisting on hanging out there. Eating Paleo is an attempt to change the way I think about food, and hopefully a way to change the way it lands on me. Like a drug addict fiendishly seeking her next hit, I keep trying to recreate food that looks like the drug. Much of my food is the O’douls of paleo living, which I think might be making it difficult for me to eat clean all the time.

I think I am going to make a concious effort to stop making “paleo” alternatives unless I am going for a special occasion or something. I mean do I really need a case of Paleo Macaroons in my fridge at all times?


Today I went on a nice, tempo run to Lanikai Beach, where I thought… hmmm, this is the perfect place for 150 squats for time (8:50:9 – I will be faster if I stop burning my legs before the WOD.)

When I finished, I remembered I was also still 3.2 miles away from home… silly girl. So I started running, then I stopped for water. Drink the water, ever so slowly while I walked 1 mile or so, then ran some more. Spotted a starbucks and ran inside for a short black coffee (read:excuse to stop again) and then walked up the hill with the coffee to home. I thought  a 10K was a bit much for the a.m. 🙂

Tonight, I have a little book review with a friend who I am reading the Oz Principle with and I amcurrently cooking Kalua Turkey and Cabbage for our dinner…

Breakfast: an apple (post workout)

Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs

Lunch: leftover chicken livers

Dinner: Kalua Turkey and Cabbage


Day 8

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Another day on the road. I tell ya, there needs to be more planning in my life. I had a lot of  things on the to do list, so eating wasn’t planned for… which will inevitably lead to a failure. Proper planning folks! Thats all I can say about today.

Started the day with a 5.44 mile run, that was beautiful, fun and exhilarating! Caught an amazing sunrise at Kailua Beach, saw my ex with the new girlfriend (she looks worst at 6 a.m. than 6 p.m.) while I was in my new beautiful workout outfit, and no pain at all during the run. However when I get home, I realize I enjoyed it too much and now I am super duper late. So I running out the door I leave all thoughts of Paleo anything behind.

By noon, I haven’t eaten anything but a small cup of coffee and I am going to die, for sure. Finally at 12:30 I  walk into Kanpai Bar and Grill. Bad choice, I know… again, I am starving. The man next to me orders a burger and before I can say salad, my stomach makes burger erupt from my lips. “Medium rare please,” I say, barely recognizing the voice. I get it, and cut it into quarters. Eat one quarter, bun and all. One half is demolished without the bun, and strangely I am stuffed. I guzzled about 5 glasses of iced tea to hold me over, so that helped stave off the starvation.

My dinner on the road wasnt much better. There were candied pecans in the salad which I picked around but I know the steak was soaked in something sweet before it was cooked… tomorrow, tomorrow…

I am considering some brutal crossfit workout for tonight to punish myself, but its 6:50 p.m. and I feel like I need a 10 hour nap… maybe I will just jog. I should do 150 burpees for time… lol.


Day 7 April 24, 2011

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Celebrated my 7th day of the challenge with a minor fail. I will blame estrogen…

Dinner wasn’t that bad, though. My girl made fried trout and tostones (Plantains and tomatoes) YUMMINESS!!!!

There was no workout. I deserved and needed a rest day, so I took it.

breakfast: some nuts

lunch/dinner: fish and tostones

snacks: evil things I will speak nothing of!


Day 6

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I am exhausted. Went “hiking” (read: hell) today on what has to be the worst hike in Hawaii, quite possibly el mundo. Just a dust stairhell up to a mountain with mediocre views. Hot as hell. Sun cooked me. No one going up or coming down seemed happy, I only went because of  a wrong turn.

Koko head is stupid.

Anyway, I probably burned like 8000 calories.

Strangely I am in too much pain to want to eat.

I had an chicken sausage for breakfast, and some “trail mix” (raw almonds, dried cocounut, cacao nibs, dried mullberries and sunflower kernels) on the way home. But outside of that I havent eaten yet and its almost 5 p.m.

My abs are BURNING!!!! It hurts when I cough or attempt to sit with correct posture, so I need to eat so the Aleve I am going to overconsume doesnt damage my stomach. I will be damned if I cook. Luckily there are leftovers. Nothing exciting today…

Chicken livers and soup it is…


Coconutty – Liver and Onions April 23, 2011

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All thats missing is the rice! (jk)

On tonights menu, I present:

1lb Organic Chicken livers
1/3 cup hot sauce

(brine for 20-30 min)

1/2 c Grapeseed oil (or your choice) heated to frying temp in skillet

1 cup of cocounut flour
Black Pepper
1/4 c flax meal
mix in a medium bowl

dust each liver in the mix and fry about 5 min each side (till brown)
remove and drain on towels
1/2 sweet onion sliced
5 mushrooms, sliced

in the oil add onions and  mushrooms, cook and add 1 tbsp coconut flour from the mix and sautee until brown. Add 1 cup of water, stir and return livers to the ‘gravy’

add more or less flour mix to your gravy to reach your desired consistency. Simmer on low for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy


Day 5

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The weekend is here. Hands down the hardest time to honor a Paleo lifestyle. There’s clubbing, there’s partying, there’s beach time (read:barbecue), there’s barbecues (read: bad)… aarrgh. Whats a girl to do. How do I maintain my social butterfly status without succumbing to the evil weekend empire that runs my life?? Hmph, must… get… over… this… HUUUUMMMMPPPPP!!!

Mellow drama. The fuel that feeds me.

Anyway, I started the morning with a 7.15 mile run. Sort of a preemptive strike on the weekend. My legs kinda gave out during the last hill (you should see the hill coming up to my house, is got to be a 15% grade.)

Todays Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Lomi Salmon and Poi

Lunch: Leftover Meatballs and Greek Salad

Dinner: Liver and Onions

No real workout for me tonight, I am going to relax and prepare for a BEA-UTI-FUL  hike in the morning to the top of Mt Olomana


Lomi Salmon and Poi April 22, 2011

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 First off, let me tell ya. I do not make my own poi or lomi. I can make it, well, the lomi at least, but why? This is one of those things that is readily available and about as natural as they come. Most often wild caught salmon, lomi’d (massaged) with tomatoes, onions and scallions.

For those of you NOT living in Hawaii here is a recipe for this wonderful treat!

1 lb. salt salmon

3 tomatoes (you’ll be removing most of the seeds and juice, so a meatier variety of tomato works well.)  Diced

2 medium onions, diced preferably Kula onions, but any of the sweeter varieties work.

3 green onions, thinly sliced
You’ll want to soak the salt salmon filet in cold water for 3-6 hours, changing the water several times. On your last water change, add a tray or so of ice cubes, as lomi lomi salmon is best when it’s very cold. It’s also easier to dice, which is the next step.

Drain the salmon, and remove all bones and skin. Dice the salmon. Put the salmon cubes, diced tomatoes, and diced sweet onion in a bowl. Gently combine them with your fingers. Lomi lomi means “massage” in Hawaiian.

I am eating mine with POI, a pounded Taro Root. It is a major staple in Hawaiian cooking and a part of Hawaiian culture and heritage. I am Black. So I won’t even attempt to screw this up with so many helpful grocery stores selling natural versions of the stuff. I stick with Hanalei Poi because it is thicker, fresher tasting and most natural. If you are feeling adventurous and can find Taro in your neighborhood, here is a recipe