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My non-paleo month July 10, 2011

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So I just logged on to my blog after a 30 day break from posting. I wasn’t posting on purpose, because I wasn’t eating anywhere near my usual 80% paleo. I am pretty sure I dropped down to 50%, which is pretty SAD. Really, my new job has erased all will power I thought I had. I have been training hard, but to no avail, because my diet has been SHITTY!

So here I am, embarking on day 1 of my 30 day paleo challenge. Again.

I am going to do my measurements and my weight/BF on my DailyBurn page. This blog for the next month might seem a bit much, but I really want to use it to document progress, issues, set-backs, and results on a truly manageable paleo diet.

There will be food, workouts and more coming soon. July 10 – August 8.