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Jerk Shrimp and Steamed Cabbage May 11, 2011

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Jerk. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.

Most commercial brands have sugar in it. You can get around this. You will need a food processer.

In it, a few nice sized chunks of sweet mango, half a small onion, 2 scalllions (green onions), 1/2 habanero pepper, 1 heaping tbsp allspice and a clove of garlic. This needs to be a paste when done processing. Mix in 1 tsp thyme, shake or two of cinnamon and nutmeg. Salt and Pepper as you like.

This rub goes on meat or whatever. I used it on shrimp today.

Rubbed it into the shrimp and cooked it up in the skillet. It is better to leave overnight but I was really hungry. This stuff has a shelf life of about 2 months or so.

Steamed cabbaged

Simple enough

Sautee 1/2 onion in  1tbsp Kerrygold Butter. Add small head of cabbage, chopped and rinsed.  Stir and add the following:

Handful or so of shredded or cut up carrots.
1/2 tsp of your jerk mix
sea salt to taste

Steam until tender. Viola! Jamaica in a day!


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