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Uno, Dos y Tres de Mayo… May 4, 2011

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Ok, this has been a stressful week. Emotional tolls and food and me, well we have a strange relationship. I have struggled with this all my life. Lucky for me I do not have anything really damaging at home, although I have eating all the fruit in the house. I haven’t exercised in 48 hours. I am hoping this changes tonight. Maybe a crossfit workout at home and a run in the morning… We shall see.

I finally got my surfboard back from my friend, so its back in the water for me this week! Last few days I have prepared some small meals, but I have been out alot and eating out. The stress has also made me have less of an appetite altogether, so IF has been going on a lot. I cannot complain, since I have lost 6 lbs, however this will be reversed this week if I don’t get my ass back in gear.

My most impressive meal preparation for the weekend was the lamb shanks. Because I was in demolish mode, there are no pictures of the plate. What I do have, is the recipe which will be posted soon.


Last week, I had a 33 mile week. YES! I am slowly getting back. My injury is not bothering me nearly as much as it was a month ago, and while its a slow process this past week has made me feel HUMAN again. I am going to try and stay focused with that in mind. Hopefully I will be running marathons again in NO TIME!!!

Tonight, I have some grassfed sirloin that I am trying to figure out what to do to it.  Lets see what happens next!


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