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Day 10, 11 and 12 April 30, 2011

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So its been a week of sorts. I am attempting this blog, accountability, lifestyle realization during a time of major transition, so blogging on a daily basis? So not an option this week. Today I give you Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My issues with food materialized during this crazy week.  Orthorexia Nervosa they call it I guess, but since I was busy alot and didn’t have the time to prepare for what the week sprung on me, I unwillingly took part in a lot of IF (intermittent fasting) the past few days. I have made a conscious effort to take pictures of food I was eating, preparing or cheating with. Today, I am braising some yummy lamb shanks. (look out for the recipe)

I have to log yesterday and Wednesdays food, but for today:

B: Hardboiled Egg and a California Mandarin (after an 8+ mile run)

L: Sunflower seeds

S: 2 Applegate Franks, 2 beef ends

D: 1/2 braised lamb shank.


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